• Monitoring for you safety

  • Dike Monitoring

    Many companies are still developing Dyke monitoring possibilities. StabiAlert already offers a comprehensive solution to retrofit existing dyke bodies without endangering the structural integrity of the dyke.
  • Structural Health Monitoring

    Mapping the structural health of an object and monitoring it over an extended period always has been indistinct and expensive business.
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The StabiAlert system records hundred times per second to a twenty-five thousandth degree accuracy subsidence, deformation, vibration and change in angle of all possible objects. Our system can also be used for rise- and subsidence mapping of large area’s.
The collected data is sent over the Internet to a database, and the history of all movements is recorded. Our software makes it possible for the customer, to watch real time via the internet the status of an object. In addition to this active monitoring the system can send automated email- or SMS alerts. Unusual situations and incidents are reported to the customer within fifteen seconds after an event has occurred.

Our clients are provides with a 3D animation which provides a clear general overview of complex objects. This animation gives the possibility to easily zoom in on each individual sensor.
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