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Dynamic Laser Distance Monitoring

Dynamic laser distance measurements
StabiAlert has a special laser distance measuring unit to record the distance in time between two points very accurately. The technique provides insight into the behavior of an object such as temperature and sun influences but also the influences under high load in dynamic circumstances. You can monitor an object from different fixed perspectives.

High-quality readings
The sensors record at 20Hz, and display the average distance over each 5 seconds. This allows us to achieve an accuracy of 0.05mm over a distance of up to 50 meters. Greater distances are also possible at slightly lower accuracy. The data is available on demand with the option of alarms on pre-set limits.

The sensors are used for monitoring buildings, bridgeheads and railway viaducts that are subject to varying loads such as heavy traffic and wind or a combination of these. 

The sensors are easy to install, non-invasively. Data is stored from te moment of installation and immediately provides valuable data about the status of an object.

As an administrator, you will receive an alarm within a few seconds of an event

by mail or text messaging, so action can be taken as soon as possible if necessary. In addition to event monitoring, the sensors are also very suitable for interpretation of day and night-, and seasonal influences. All data in a project is permanently available on demand via our web application or with API in your own portal.