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Laser distance monitoring on U-Bahn Berlin

From June 2019, we placed laser distance and tilt sensors for continuous monitoring during construction work on the U-bahn in Berlin. The measurements are displayed in a dashboard for the administrators. The combined measurements provide an integral picture with regard to the safety of the track section and the construction.

Combination of high-frequency laser distance, tilt and acceleration measurements

In collaboration with engineering company GIM from Berlin we have installed a complete monitoring system for a major renovation and renewal project.

The system consists of a combination of tilt, acceleration, laser distance, and tachymeters. All measurements are carried out high-frequency and can be followed live via the internet for the site manager.

Alarms have been placed on various measurements on the instructions of the manager so that if there are deviating measurements, the manager immediately receives a message and can assess whether further action is needed.

In addition, we have made a special dashboard to view all the different signals in conjunction for a better interpretation of the data.