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Weir "De Haandrik"

At the end of June 2018 StabiAlert placed sensors on the Weir at The Haandrik, commissioned by the Vechtstromen Water Board and in collaboration with Fieldlab Camino. The goals are to give more insight into the state of the weir, and to be able to do a better life cycle prediction.

Information for the waterboard

The weir at the Haandrik is already 100 years old and the Water Board wants insight into the deformation behavior of the barrage in daily use. By measuring full-continuous deformation and vibration, StabiAlert helps to obtain this insight. Based on the measurements, we can better predict whether and when the lock is at the end of its life cycle. The sensors stay on for at least 14 months. By doing this also seasonal influences are made visible. More information from the Water Board about the project can be found at

FieldLab Camino

The project was co-created by Fieldlab Camino. FieldLab Camino has various projects in the field of Water and Rail where the approach is to measure and improve the maintenance of infrastructural works by measuring with innovative techniques. More information about FileldLab Camino can be found at