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Measuring quakes and damage
StabiAlert installed a network of sensors in the north of Groningen to record earthquakes and to measure damage. The earthquakes are the result of extracting gas from the Groningen soil.

The network consists of sensors that are positioned in the ground and on buildings. The sensors measure the strength of the earthquake by recording the vibrations.  As StabiAlert sensors also measure the tilt, the actual damage is shown.

Tried and tested
StabiAlert offers the European market a tried-and-tested measuring method that has been applied frequently in other countries in order to demonstrate damage caused by mining activities. 

The StabiAlert grid in Groningen is a public network used by residents, businesses and authorities. The data provided by the grid is available for analysis and further research.

The link below opens the StabiAlert Groningen Grid in a separate window.

Open Groningen Grid