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The right tiltsensor for the right purpose

We use two types of tilt meters to measure deformation:

Dynamic monitoring
If every second counts for the safety of people and objects, we use our in-house developed high-frequency tilt sensors. These measure with a frequency of 100Hz and immediately give an alarm in the event of deformation. We use this type of sensor for invasive construction work, collision detection of (rail) bridges and monitoring safety at locks, tunnels and dikes.

Static monitoring
For indicative measurements over a long period we use the sensors from our partner Senceive. These sensors are wireless and measure with a frequency of up to once per half hour. The sensors have a battery with a very long lifespan. We deploy these sensors at locations where there is no electricity available and for monitoring track sections, tunnels and bridges.

Combination of sensors
It is also possible to use a combination of both techniques in a project; for example, a larger number of indicative sensors added with a fewer number of high-frequency sensors for critical areas.