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Weir "De Haandrik"

At the end of June 2018 StabiAlert placed sensors on the Weir at The Haandrik, commissioned by the Vechtstromen Water Board and in collaboration with Fieldlab Camino. The goals are to give more insight into the state of the weir,...

Visit us at Water Info Day on March 29th

Always wanted to know how we can generate an alarm on the basis of live data in the event of an upcoming dam / dike breakthrough? Or how we can monitor a quay in real-time without having to dig or excavate? We are happy to show...

Workshop GeoBuzz on tilt monitoring, November 21, 2017

At the invitation of GeoInformatie Nederland (GIN), on November 21 we will give a workshop on tilt monitoring at the GeoBuzz in Den Bosch.

Deformation test day at VDV in Berlin

On November 14th we are attending a conference of the Verband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure in Berlin, contributing to a live deformation test on location.

Quay monitoring in seaport

During construction work in a factory, we monitor both quay and existing production buildings.

Visit us at Intergeo Berlin

From the 26th to the 28th of september we will be at the Intergeo in Berlin. At the exhibition we introduce our Rapid Response Deformation Monitor.

Special Display at Opening Building

BuildInG is the knowledge and innovation center for future-proof building. StabiAlert is proud to contribute to the success of BuildIng. We have made a permanent showcase to be placed in the test hall.


Yesterday at the final presentations of the #exportcarrousel #Friesland one of the teams who did an in depht study……


This week we are in #Berlin for a complex #deformation #monitoring project on a railway bridge crossing a big canal……


Heel trots om met ons team van kinderen en studenten voor de koninklijke familie de triltafel te mogen demonstreren……

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This week in San Fransisco for large deformation monitoring project. @TopDutchCom @BuildinGron