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Safety, stability and security

Buildings, bridges, dykes and tunnels are objects that should be one hundred percent reliable. When something is not quite right, we need to know as soon as possible.

Quick, accurate and reliable

The StabiAlert system provides fast, accurate and extremely reliable information about subsidence, deformation, racking, tilt and vibration of every conceivable object. The sensors developed by StabiAlert use highly advanced technology to register  even the smallest changes 100x per second and up to a 25,000th degree of accuracy. The StabiAlert system registers the movements themselves as well as the damage they cause.

Monitoring safety

The StabiAlert system is suitable for long-term and accurate monitoring, but can also be used for impending emergencies. For example, StabiAlert monitors and improves safety and prevents further damage. If sudden changes occur that exceed the threshold values, the StabiAlert alarm system warns immediately with an SMS and an e-mail.

StabiAlert sensors are also able to determine the exact changes in the earth’s surface, such as a rise or fall in ground level as a result of mining activities.

Monitoring and analysis

The status of an object can be tracked real-time and continuously with an internet connection. Longer term patterns can be exposed by analysing the database that stores the data collected by the sensors. StabiAlert processes the data in clear graphs and 3D animations in order to visualise all the movements.

StabiAlert. For safety, stability and security.